LES DUNES is a French independent brand born under the South-Western Sun in Toulouse, and grew up in Barcelona, on the other side of the Pyrenees.


Passionate by craftmanship and handmade work, this project aims to preserve, cherish and enhance our heritage.


The human being is at the heart of the approach: those who inspire it, those who make it possible by their know-how, and those who support it.


Our choices are guided by an ethical conscience to respect the values we hold dear. Each decision made for the brand reflects the ideal of working locally with artisans on a very close relationship and limiting as well as possible the impact on the environment.


Clothes hand down memories, and we hope to evoke a special and emotional connection in those we create. We give meaning to what we wear, touch and feel in order to preserve them with us as long as possible.


Through a very personal approach as a source of inspiration, we wish to speak universally and awaken feelings that touch our innermost being.


Our greatest wish is to bring to light the people who are invisible in the media or in fashion, who remain in the shadows. It is the quest for a beauty close to us, the one we forget to look at and that we meet every day. Each of these grains of sand that together form LES DUNES.