LES DUNES was created in Toulouse in the South of France and evolves in Barcelona, on the other side of the Pyrenees.

It is in this sunny region between Occitania and Catalonia, between the sea and the mountains, that the design and production are done, as well as where each item is prepared and sent to you.

We work with small, local, family-owned businesses for knitting, sewing, supplies and printing.

We favor this proximity to build a relationship of trust with our partners, support our beautiful region and its know-how, and minimize the environmental impact of our activity.


Working locally is essential to create a strong and lasting human link.

Together we share common values, and we can ensure good working conditions and salaries for the people involved.

Create clothes requires a lot of work, precision and time. By being
so close, we can exchange directly to better understand and help each other, combine our ideas and expertise to obtain a quality result while respecting each other.


The woven fabrics come from sleeping stocks of French Couture Houses, originally woven in France or in Italy.

A second life is given to these existing high quality resources through very limited quantity pieces.

The composition of the fabrics and their natural properties are essential factors in the selection process.

The knitted fabrics are made in the South of France, in a small village 2 hours from my home, by a family business founded in 1921.

The organic cotton used is GOTS certified and non-dyed; thus it preserves its natural unbleached color and does not undergo chemical bleaching treatments.

This French Living Heritage Company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) works with machines that are sometimes almost a hundred years old where the hand of man is essential throughout the creation process to ensure exceptional quality.